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Oscar History

Good old Oscar began his life nigh on 81 years ago. The ceremony itself is called the Academy Awards but only by those who are in the biz and know the password!

Oscar was born to a famous sculptor, George Stanley. George convinced a somewhat shy Mexican director/actor, Emilio “El Indio” Ferdanez to pose for him. And so the eternally famous art deco, gold-plated statuette was born. Smack bottom, cry, snuggle.

Controversy dogged him. Many people proudly stuck their hands up, claiming it was they who named the shiny yellow man, Oscar:

  1. Bette Davis claimed she named him after her first husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson, but then wouldn’t Oscy’s name be Harmon?
  2. Academy Executive Secretary, Margaret Herrick disputed this, saying that she named it after her Uncle Oscar, which begs the question, did Uncle Oscar paint himself gold and walk around with a stocking over his head in the nude? Strange.
  3. Executive Assistant to Louis B. Mayer (movie hotshot) apparently saw the statuette and thought it looked like King Oscar of both Norway and Sweden. Shoulders? Profile? Attached legs?

It seems that everyone wanted a piece of poor Oscar. And why wouldn’t you?

The first Academy Awards (I must be in the biz) was held on the 16th May, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This was a humble affair. The awards were past out over a light brunch. Today, the ceremony is held at night for many hours with many glasses of Champagne and trips to the toilet. It is telecast across the world and watched by more than 30 million people. We sure love our movies!

How does it all work? As we all know, the Academy votes and a little envelope with a seal is opened with much dainty (so as to not break a nail) ripping as possible. The Academy is made up of 5,385 of the most important people in film, including 1,311 actors, God bless ’em. They vote, people and films are nominated and then, riiiiip, giggle, card shuffle, “And the Oscar goes to…”
Ta da!

So that’s where it all began. Join us as we dig through the history, the controversies, the fashion, the revolutions, the personalities, the successes and failures. Let us know your favourite film, director, moment of our Oscar history.


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