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Best picture – Argo (2012) & a Persian banquet


Starring Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin & John Goodman

Rating 9/10


– Protesters storm the American consulate in Tehran while the terrified staff panic, unsure of their fate.
– Six staff members escape out a side entrance and hide out in the Canadian Ambassador’s (Victor Garber) home.
– Washington:  CIA agent, Tony Mendez (Affleck) helps the big wigs work out how to get the six escapees home safely. Eventually they decide to say that the six are members of a film crew scouting locations for a new sci-fi movie, Argo.
– Mendez flies to L.A to talk to make up artist, John Chambers (Goodman) and Producer Lester Siegel (Arkin) who sets up everything they need to fool the Iranians.
– Mendez flies to Tehran and meets up with the six  and the plan is set into action.


Start off your Persian banquet with this hearty Iranian dish called Aash Reshteh, made with  lentils, chickpeas and spinach. This flavoursome soup will get you in the mood for more action with Argo. Find the recipe (thanks to Persian recipes) here


I love true stories (or based-on-true-story films). I’m very curious about how people react to extreme situations in real life. It’s all well and good for a fictional character to act with courage and humour when stressed but another thing altogether when it’s about a real someone who had to figure out what the hell to do when the stuff hit the fan.

This is a great story told very well by Mr Ben Affleck. Thanks to the grainy-style of filming it feels so real you can almost smell the spices and heat of Iran. Some have said that it’s fairly one-sided and doesn’t really tell the Iranian side of the story but I really don’t think that was what it was all about. It was one group’s story and this was their experience as far as I could tell and I really enjoyed the ride and I’m sure you will too! Did you? Here’s a clip to refresh your memory…

Main meal: 

Moving on to our main Iranian meal. Press ‘pause’, pop on your favourite pair of 70s flares and  serve up a steaming hot bowl of this awesome dish called Ghormeh Sabzi – a spicy Veal and kidney bean stew served with crunchy lavash bread. Oh my. Enjoy! 

Ghormeh sabzi

Image: Saveur

Argo Trivia:

  • Budget – $44 million
  • Apparently the British and New Zealand consulates didn’t turn away the six, rather they agreed that the Canadian ambassador’s home was a much safer option for them.
  • In reality, make up artist, John Chambers renamed the sci-fi movie, Argo because he loved knock-knock jokes which is why the three keep on and on about “Argo f___ yourself” tee hee.
  • According to President Carter (who liked the film) the Canadians were 90% responsible for the extraction of the six, not the Americans who were portrayed as the heroes in this film.
  • Though it won the Best Picture gong, Affleck missed out on the Best Director Oscar which makes it the first film in seven years to miss out on both awards.


Time for sweets. Yaysie! Enjoy some downtime after this fastpaced, heart-stopping, action-packed (and any other hyphenated exciting description that fits) awesome film with a spot of Iranian dessert. It’s called Halva and it’s made with pistachios, rosewater and saffron. Tasty, no? Try it here

Halva dessert

Image: Shahiya

Are you a fan of Persian food?

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