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Tales of terror – best plane crash films

I blame movies about plane crashes for my fear of flying. Damn you realistic-looking and based-on-true story films. Now I have to endure take-offs with white knuckles and landing with my jelly belly. While I love travelling, the whole plane thing can be just plain scary, especially when I have those unhelpful images in my mind.

Now I avoid those films so that I can reclaim my travel bug and get jetting again (I wish!) But there are crazy people out there who thrive on the adrenalin rush they get from sitting glued, watching plane disaster movies. So if you are one of those brave film buffs then this post is for you!

Here are my top 5 plane crash films (that I have watched with splayed fingers over my eyes).

  1. Alive 
    (1993) – Yep, this is the one where they eat frozen bottoms… each others’ bottoms. All washed down with a cup of pure white snow. Eeeek! This film is unfortunately based on a true story when the plane carrying the Uruguayan rugby team crashed and they were stuck in the Andes mountains. They are stranded for nine days then they decide to hike their way out of there and get some help. It’s a great story, just difficult to watch.

Flying High (1980) – Or Airplane! if you live in America. This is a stupidly funny film. Love it! It stars the handsome Robert Hayes and the ditsy Julie Hagerty and of course, the ever-super-funny Leslie Neilsen (say no more!).  My favourite scene is when the autopilot, Otto, takes over. He’s a scary inflatable pilot and no help at all really. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Check it out.


Madagascar 2 (2008) – Ok, ok. I know I’m copping out a little bit with this one but there is a plane crash and it’s funny damn it! Penguins, wild African animals and a very broken plane. This provides welcome relief from those more disturbing plane crash movies. Funny, kiddie and a plane crash! Perfecto!


Castaway (2000) – Hollywood plane crash film yup! But I have seen it. He did survive and made a friend with a volleyball. It’s kinda Robinson Crusoe meets Woody from Toy Story. It’s a fairly tame plane crash film but, once again a great, light-ish relief from the scary, realistic plane crash movies that are out there (and I haven’t seen and won’t see!)


World Trade Center (2006) – Eeeek. This is such a tense, sad film. We all know the story, the planes, the buildings, the terror. It’s one of the few disaster/plane films I will make myself watch. Just because I remember the day it all happened and it’s fascinating to hear what it was like on the ground, in the building for the people in NYC. Very moving and scary but well worth a look.

They are my top 5. And yes, I could only include five on my list because I’m a scaredey-cat who can’t bear to watch too many disaster movies.

What are your favourite plane crash films and how did they affect you?


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