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5 best Hawaiian-themed flicks

Oh how I love Hawaii, any island, actually. I love the pace, the fresh wind in my hair, the food eaten straight from a tree or a plant, the seafood, the laughter… love it all! And the funny thing is that I actually live on an island (a BIG one) but I tell you, there’s no island pace here in sunny Sydney. Oh no!

To relive island experiences I am limited to tv shows, hula-type songs and my beloved movies. Hawaiian films are great to watch in the dead of winter or when you’re feeling busy and stressed. So if you are the legal age, grab a Mai Tai (, kick off your socks, pop on some sandals and get lost in the world of glamorous Hawaii.

Here are the 5 best Hawaiian films I can think of… or google.

  1. The Descendants (2011) – George Clooney + Hawaii = awesome / unbelievable / really cool! Loved this film!! It is such a sad, moving drama set in such a dramatic environment. I loved seeing a different part of Hawaii, more of a local’s look at Hawaii; how people live there day-to-day. I came home from the cinema and announced to my husband that we should move there pronto! He was not moved. But he’s yet to see the film so my fingers are crossed!

  2. 50 First Dates (2004) -The hero of this film is Hawaii. Sorry Adam Sandler and co but it’s true. This is a funny, quirky film but the feel and the culture of Hawaii dominates and makes a so-so storyline, soulful and fun.

  3. Blue Crush (2002) – I’m SUCH a girl but I really loved this film. It’s your typical love story with a bit of girl surfing thrown in and a heap of Hawaii… ah Hawaii! It’s kinda girl-power meets cinderella meets Gidget! Love it.

  4. Lilo and Stitch (2002) – “Ohana means family, family means family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” Sweet little flick. It has something for everyone: the Elvis freaks, the kids, the action fanatics, the animation fans, the alien invasion conspiracy nuts and surfers. It’s Hawaii with soul, soul with Hawaii…

  5. Blue Hawaii (1961) – You cannot mention Hawaii and film and not include Elvis! This man loved Hawaii or it loved him. Blue Hawaii was the first of three Presley films to be made on the idyllic shores of Hawaii, the other two were: Girls, Girls, Girls (1962) and Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1965). Hands up who thinks Elvis wanted a really long vacation in Hawaii?!

What are your fave Hawaiian films? Do you live in Hawaii? If so, what film accurately depicts real Hawaiian life?


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