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It’s hip to be a pirate

Honesty time. Have you ever illegally downloaded a film? Tv show? Music? I reckon most people would sheepishly (or not) say “Yes!” It’s hip to be a pirate these days. But what about the poor old filmmakers? What about the people who work and create in this industry? Isn’t it disrespectful, let alone illegal, to steal their hard-earned work?

One of the biggest problems is that not all films are online to be legally downloaded. Hollywood is lagging behind and I’m not sure if it’s a deliberate tactic to build demand or that they’re just slow. But it’s not helping.

Understandably, Hollywood wants someone to pay for all the piracy going around and today they lost a court case again iinet, an internet provider. Is the buck supposed to stop at internet providers or individuals? Surely the pirate should be sued. But then imagine how many cases there would be… millions! Hollywood is too busy making films to bother with the little people, although I have heard of some ‘small fry’ being sued, so beware! So, where does the buck stop?

Did you also realise that it is illegal to lend DVDs to other people! Oops. I always thought I was being generous when I did this but when you read the warning at the beginning of the movie, you’ll see that it’s actually not above-board. Does that mean that libraries shouldn’t stock films? How does that work? Where is that bottom line…. it’s getting fuzzy!

Is it legal to transfer a movie you have purchased from video format to digital? I Googled this and it was very, very vague. Apparently, if it is for personal use it’s ok to upgrade your videos BUT the equipment needed to do this is illegal. Catch 22.

At the end of the day, piracy is not cool. Not even for one person, because, as the ad say’s “Would you steal a handbag, would you steal a car…?” Most of us would say, “Nuh!” Then why do we steal movies / tv shows?

Do you pirate? Would you think twice about it if there were more severe consequences for individuals? Do you think it’s wrong?


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