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Top 5 Famous Film Cars

I’m not a girl that’s into cars. But then again, I love anything to do with film, so today Oscar Club goes into the world of petrol (or gas), carburetors (had to look that one up) and pistons (that one I learned from Cars).

Image by Olli1800

One of the most iconic cars in film history would have to be 007’s Aston Martin. It’s a cutie patootie kind a vehicle. A bit girlie for a secret agent, which is probably why I started out with it. It is shiny, silver and petite. Very swish indeed and the gadgetry… well… you know… it is/was fitted with rearward spraying water jets, dashboard fax machine (handy aye?), ‘cellular voice communications system’ (or retro mobile phone), chilled drink holder (but of course), hidden cameras, shot-guns, torpedos, traction spikes, ejector seat, radial thermal imaging, laser cutting tool and grenades. All these come in handy when you’re a spy. But, in true Bond form, it must look good as well… tick that box!

From the sublime to the ridiculous… who can forget the rainbow Studebaker in The Muppet Movie. There was Kermit and Fozzie, minding their own business, listening to some gospel type rock music played by a group of ‘freaks’ when those same crazies start painting their car! Far out man… Ok, ok, they were trying to disguise the car so that the frog-leg-cooker-billionnaire couldn’t find Kermit to turn him into the ambassador of green legs… but still. It’s a great car, whether it is rainbow or rusty brown. Just reminds me of the song they sing ‘Movin Right Along’.

You cannot go past Charlie Babbit’s Buick in Rain Man. Such a girl car, once again, I know. This creamy deliciousness of a convertible was not really built for a road trip. It would have been better cruising the beachy streets of Venice Beach and the rest. But it was all Charlie Babbit got from his dearly departed dad and it suited him. It was Charlie through and through. A square peg reluctantly trying to fit into a hexagonal hole. And eventually he did!

The Italian Job made the mini cool again. Oh the tricks it could do. Who would have known? And 3 minis, well bless my soul, all racing along, dancing to the same beat. So exciting. And a girl driving it as well… I think every chick wanted to be Charlize Theron in the 2003 version. Tough, gorgeous, smart and a car-raaaazy driver. Too cool. Minis were cool again so car companies thought they’d bring back other old makes of cars… what’s old is new again… as long as it has air conditioning.

Last but far from least is the Ferrari convertible from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That beautiful, petite, red racing machine. I imagine it would make you feel like you could fly… in style of course. And when Cameron starts kicking it, the car is so gorgeous that the audience knows he’s in big trouble. What is it about red convertibles… and Ferraris for that matter, that makes us all want it!? It’s a careless car. Meaning that when you drive it, you’re not concerned with safety or perfect hair. You are carefree as you zoom around the streets, tongue flapping out the side of your mouth, because you are riding in a red Ferrari, there are no cares.

I know I didn’t include the DeLorean or many other cars from other films. But these were the cars I loved. And like I said at the start, I’m no car-girl!

What’s your fav film car?


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