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Muppet Memories

The Muppets are back! All of us Gen Xers etc are beaming. What’s eighties is noughties and I’m loving it! Yep, I’m in the post Muppet Movie glow. Pretty much just stepped out of the cinema and my heart is full, I feel like singing and dancing and grabbing at any rainbow I can, cos life is sunny even though it’s a pretty dull day outside.

The new Muppet Movie, called The Muppets (oddly enough) is a romp through nostalgia land. It is full of new songs, a few new characters, a fairly sappy script that makes you go “awwwww” and old characters and flashbacks that make you go “ahhhhhh”.

As a stand alone movie, it’s pretty good, pretty G rated, very clean and fun, a little funny. Once again the Muppet people have created a film that is highly enjoyable for both children and adults. Thank you! I am so bored of watching kids movies.

For us slight oldies, it takes us back to the first Muppet movie. It was there we met a singing frog who fell in love (apparently against his will) with a rotund pig with an overinflated ego and some awesome hair. There’s a ‘thing’ called Gonzo and a fluffy, adorable but highly unfunny bear, Fozzy. There’s the band full of random characters only true Muppet fans know (except for the crazy Animal).

There are characters for every personality type. The grumpy old men who delight in bringing the rest of the Mups down to earth. The foreign eyeless chef who really can’t cook and the mad scientist and his poor trusty sidekick, Beaker who has obviously fallen victim to many an experiment over the years.

Muppetland can be a scary place. Not only is the aforementioned Animal but that scary, lip dragging, hairy character who is always left behind (Wikipedia tells me he’s called Sweetums). He used to freak me out. I know he’s nice and all but still… that large mouth, that swishing fur, those crazy eyes… creepy!

Yep all the characters are back in The Muppets, even the creepy ones. Though the studio is wrecked, the trusty band of muppets soon get it spick and span with the help from some rockin’ music and gen xers who remember how it all worked. New muppet Walter finds his place alongside his heroes and bringing them back to box office dominance.

There’s baddies to hate, dance numbers galore, bad jokes, a load of typical muppeterian schmultz, historical references and a whole load of fun. I felt lighter leaving the cinema (even though I had consumed my weight in Twisties).

I wonder what the present generation and the gen y’s thought of it! Thoughts, reactions, comments?

Is that the Gilmore Girls set I see? 


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