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Best Picture – Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

Starring Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy & Dan Aykroyd


It was the year of ‘Born on the Fourth of July’, ‘Dead Poets Society’ & ‘My Left Foot’, so why oh why did this film win Best Picture?

It’s a slow little number. All about an older woman (Tandy) realising her limitations after backing her car into the neighbour’s yard. Her son, Boolie (Aykroyd) then hires a driver, Hoke Colburn (Freeman) who then drives her around, becomes her friend and grows old with her. That’s about it.

The performances were ordinary. Tandy gave a solid performance but the southern accents of Freeman and Aykroyd were just plain annoying. Twang, twang, twang. Argh! Aykroyd is not a good actor. He’s great in films like ‘Ghostbusters’ but really, he’s not Oscar material in my humble opinion.

Freeman was Freeman. The nice, almost too jovial, driver who put up with almost anything! A saint! There was a little emotional stuff but not enough to make this worthy of a Best Picture statuette. Not sure what I was missing but I soon turned to Words With Friends to distract my mind from this slow paced tale.

The meatiest bits in this film came at the end when Miss Daisy realises the plight of the African American people and starts to lose her mind. Yes, the ending was nostalgic and lovely but not enough to save this yawn-buster of a movie.

If you want to experience it for yourself, go for it. Otherwise watch the trailer and you’ll get the gist!

Driving Miss Daisy Trivia: 

  • Budget – $7.5 million wasted dollars
  • From a play by Alfred Uhry who based the story on his own grandmama and her chauffeur.
  • Hans Zimmer performed the entire score on synthesizers
  • Tandy was so sure she would lose the Best Actress gong that she bet against herself with her agent. Best $100 ever spent!
  • Bette Midler and Eddie Murphy were considered for the roles of Daisy and Hoke – how different it all could have been!

Ah, I’m bored just writing about it. Let’s move on. We hit the 90s (can you believe it?) with an epic film, Dances With Wolves. Welcome Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell and Graham Greene to Oscar Club.


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