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Aroma-scope is no 4th dimension

I’ve always dreamed of smellivision or a taste-tastic film. So you can imagine my delight when Spy Kids 4 creators presented the Aroma-scope. Being a kids film, I was a bit worried that we would be smelling farts, vomits and wee but I was mostly pleasantly surprised.

3D has taken off in cinemas like it’s nobody’s business. Not only do we have the pleasure of paying top dollar for a 2D film, we can pay even more. We also get to wear embarrassing glasses and have our kids jump into our knees in 3D fright (note the sarcasm). Yeah, I’m not a big fan of 3D. It feels like it’s just a money machine that we’re all being sucked into. And then, there was the 4th dimension… sigh.

Aroma-scope is a card with numbers on it; a kind of scratch and sniff thing. When the number beeps onto the screen the audience scrambles for their card and squints, looking for the appropriate number to rub furiously. It’s a great idea for a kids movie, though I’m not sure it’s for all film genres.

My eyes were bright. The card was gripped in my tight little hands. I couldn’t wait for my first Aroma-scope experience. Beep, beep. Numero uno. Bah, bow. The first smell was supposed to be bacon or breakfast. Unfortunately it smelled like lollies… sweet. So disappointed I could cry. Onwards and upwards. Keep the faith sister.

Next smell was … sweet. Not sure what it was supposed to be. Then there was the lollie/candy scene. Oooo. One number worked… mint! Sweet. No surprises there. Lucky for us, the farting scene number smelled sweet too so we were saved from that unpleasant stench. Before we reached number 8 I had ditched my card in disappointment.

A note to the Aroma-scope creators: if you’re going to claim you have created the fourth dimension, do a good job at it. Make it work. It seems that the scents had faded on their way from the factory to cinema storage to actual film. It makes for a very sad little filmgoer and now I’m blogging about it!


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