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A Day at the Cinema

Image by Greg O'Beirne

Everyone has a tradition. You head to the cinema, wallet full of cash (especially if you live in Australia). You walk up and down tacky coloured carpet and make your way to the ticket counter.

Small molecules of popcorn fly up your nose as you order your tickets, taking note of the cinema number to avoid a past shocker when you thought you were watching Babe when it was actually Se7en.

You follow your nose to the candy bar/snack stand/ fat filler centre and consider your choices with a kind of glazed expression. Sweet or savoury, lollies or chocolate, popcorn or chips, coke or lemonade? Decisions, decisions.

The young girl behind the counter stares at you, begging for time to fly so she can take off the ridiculous looking red and gold waistcoat. Your delay only slows down that clock. She starts getting fidgety, looking behind you to see if there’s any decisive people waiting.

You go for your standard box of Maltesers and bottle of water. One must cancel out the other, surely. You head to the cinema, “Cinema 6, cinema 6” you chant in your head.

Then it is ON! The race for the primo seats. Second level front row middle. Damn. Someone got there first. Alternatives. Not too far to the back, that’s where the hooligans sit or those who think it’s ok to talk whisper throughout the whole film. IT”S NOT!

Mid-front there’s a row that’s clear which means no awkward bum in face movements, knocking knees or shy-sounding “oops sorry”s. Once the eagle has landed, the drinks are put in the slightly over-sized drink holders and maltesers precariously balanced on knee or arm-rest. Roll the local ads (blergh) then the beloved previews.

Curtains please! Slowly they rattle open, wider this time so you know the movie is about to begin. You survey the audience. All is quiet. Yes! Score! The muscles relax, the credits roll and you enter, once more, into movieland, a place of drama, suspense, laughter, and most importantly PRETEND. I love escapism.

Do you have a cinematic routine? Or do you mix it up each time. Do tell.


2 comments on “A Day at the Cinema

  1. Aidedocuchepe
    September 29, 2011

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  2. Barn
    September 13, 2011

    Yes Babe and Seven are kind of easy to get mixed up!! Great post.

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