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1970s in film – thumbs up, thumbs down?

Image by Sarah

I was born in the late seventies, so for me, the whole decade is a bit blah. It reminds me of bad brown corduroy, weird hair and even stranger people. I’m more of an eighties girl myself. But I am humble enough to look back at this decade in film. Perhaps my perspective will shift? Let’s see.

When the 70s began, Hollywood was in trouble. Studios were losing money like it was nobody’s business and this was the decade where the business in the movies became more prominent. With censorship relaxing, filmmakers grabbed the opportunity to experiment with more graphic story lines. And then there was Stanley Kubrick. He defined filmic experimentation. Way too weird for the likes of me but I appreciate his creativity.

In comparison to the Godfather movies, Bond films and the silly out there Airplane type comedies, Kubrick was out of this world unique. He put the ‘dis’ in disturbing, if you get my drift. It was certainly not for everyone.

For the rest of the world, the seventies birthed the blockbuster with our favourite fin-filled friend Jaws. In 1975, no one wanted to go into the water, just in case a fake mechanical shark jumped out of the water and swallowed them whole. This decade was filled with fear. The Exorcist caused nightmares for years to come as did The Omen and Halloween. Ooga booga. Not for me.

Then we had the first Star Wars film. For the first time audiences met Luke (use the force), Leia and the dreaded Darth Vader (breathe in breathe out). Science fiction was becoming oh so popular. In the same year as Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released which was shortly followed by the first of the Superman movies. It was like the labour pains for the 80s. Did I mention I love the 80s?

For those not into the Science Fiction genre, there was Grease, Annie Hall, Saturday Night Fever and Kramer vs Kramer. So many costumes and conflict, so few years.

As Oscar Club makes its way through the Best Picture films of the 70s, I am beginning to form a more rounded view of this brown old decade. Films were becoming smarter, sassier and more advanced and a kind of censorship liberation was happening. Did they go too far? Or not far enough.

What are your favourite films of the 70’s? What do you remember of that decade. Educate me please!


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