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Movie Magic

Image by Sean Devine

Think back to when you were little. You see your first film. And the first question that comes to mind is, “How do they do that?”

Today Star Wars still looks pretty darn good with the lightsabers, model spaceships and puppets (go Yoda!). It still fools the kiddies of this generation who cannot get enough of the thing. Star Wars is a loveable, bumbling old man. You forgive a few retro effects here and there. Your brain is free, suspending reality, leaving you to dive head first into the swamp of imagination.

I wonder if current filmmaking is going too far? How real do we really want movies to be? I find the 3D televisions way too clear to watch. It no longer suspends reality because you are hit with such high definition that it’s no longer fun. By giving audiences every single detail, imagination is no longer necessary. And c’mon, what good  are movies without imagination?

I cannot watch 3D films. It’s not just the glasses but it seems that many films are made just for the 3D effects. There’s always a slide down a long hill… oh and up the other side, we weren’t expecting that were we audience? Oooo and here’s the shot of something flying towards us, better duck it or we’ll get hit. Oh no, it’s just the 3D glasses, silly me.

I’m an old fashioned type I guess. Give me clever, difficult stunts and special effects that I can genuinely oooo and aaaaah at. If you rewind to the old days where stunts ruled the silver screen you’ll find scenes that will shock and inspire you, simply because you know that it wasn’t done on a computer or with flashing lights or split screens, just manpower baby, yeah!

If someone would please make a film like that I would be so impressed. No special effects, just old-fashioned film making where the story is not dependent on fitting in a few 3D scenes. It just focussed on the characters, the natural progression of the film. For me, a well rounded story will crush a weighty special effect film any day. Whaddya think?


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