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Dream hosts

Image by Saltmiser

There was no doubt about it. James Franco and Anne Hathaway were dull hosts. Bring back the days of Billy Crystal and some corny but amusing comedy. These days it seems the nastier you are to the crowd of movie legends, the better you are. Just ask Ricky Gervais after his attacks at the Golden Globes last year.

If you could pick anyone to host the Oscars who would it be? It could be a combination of people, a robot, a talking horse or a series of entertaining people, kind of like a progressive hosting. Here are some ideas to get you dreaming:

  1. Hugh Jackman – an obvious choice, I know, but being an Aussie, I can’t get enough of Mr Jackman. He’s so talented, funny and oh so handsome!
  2. Oprah and Gayle. A funny combo. But Oprah has presence and Gayle could offer quick witted one-liners.
  3. Will Arnett and wife Amy Poehler. C’mon! What could be better?
  4. Borat
  5. The cast of Ghostbusters: Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis -and the whole night can be ghost themed. Spooookkkkyyy.
  6. Chris Rock and the kid who plays Chris Rock in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ – a little bit of Freaky Friday?
  7. Roberto Benigni – he can walk around all the chairs and comment in Italian, offending no one and having a swinging great time!
  8. Bjork! She’s so weird she’s bound to do something outrageous to entertain the masses.
  9. Johnny Depp – ah. Those chocolate brown eyes, the velvety voice… ah, what was the question again?
  10. Conan O’Brien and David Letterman. Imagine the battle of the egos there. Woah.
What would be your top 10? It’s a tricky one because anything can happen on the night.

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