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And the Oscar for Best Stunt goes to…

The faceless few, the unsung heroes of those incredible scenes; filmed under supervision of course. We’re talking the men and women who risk life and limb and hair to bring us some of the best scenes in film. The Stunt… people.

Where would an action flick be without fight scenes, car chases and gasp-inducing crashes? Nope those neatly manicured so-callled stars wouldn’t have the guts to do what these stunt people do. So why do actors get all the glory? Because they are so beautiful or because they are made to look good by these mad, crazy and oh so talented people?

The news of today is that the stunt community is getting ready to lobby for a Best Stunt award at the Oscars. Some may scoff and hoot and snarl. They may get all worked up about the length of the current show as it is and the fact that no one really cares about who does the stunt as long as it looks awesome.

You can imagine how that goes down with these tough cookies. Our scene opens in a broken down caravan. Man sits, long hair, tattoos, head in hands. His shoulders are shaking, tears stream through his hairy hands onto his steel tipped boots. If only they gave the man an Oscar. If only he was recognised for what he does everyday. Then he would have cause to change his tears into laughter, his sorrow to joy! Give the man an Oscar. (I feel a song coming on).

It would actually be quite interesting viewing the clips of the best stunts of the year. Appreciation would rise. The stage would have to be reinforced to hold the weight of such muscular people but these things can be done. They would stomp up the stairs in their Sunday leather best, arms raised in the air. Their colleagues would hoot from the back row and the ‘stars’ would politely smile and golf clap.

You could combine musical numbers with stunts. Sack the dancers and bring a bit of fire and fighting to the stage. Yep. It’s a great idea. We need more action at the Oscars! Send us the petition, we’ll sign it!

What’s your favourite film stunt of all time?


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