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Festival de Cannes 2011

Image by Bochenek

Cannes – beach, cool hotels, funky food and one of the best film festivals in the world. You will ooo you will laaa and laaa again at the A-listers that show up to this shin dig. That’s right, it’s invitation only people which means one thing; exclusivity!

Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood, Bollywood and Europe-wood want to be here. They want to walk the carpet with their sunnies sitting on the end of their nose (or is that just in my imagination?). Who wouldn’t want to be in France, in Spring, by the sea flaunting their enormous… talent?

And the biggest prize for these filmsters is the Palm d’Or (which means golden palm) the equivalent of the Best Picture award at the Oscars. Salivating directors, greedy actors vie for this prize, begging, pleading the judges to, “ooooo choose me!!!!”.

This year they chose to give it to Brad ‘Yummy-and-boy-can-he-act’ Pitt’s film, Tree of Life. Oh it also stars that small fry actor: Sean Penn. Hmmmm. Are you hooked?

Yep for 10 days the film industry is surrounded by the best and the weirdest their colleagues have to offer. It is truly a ‘whoms whom’. If you get my drift. This year was no different. Johnny Depp popped in from up the road as well as Bob DeNiro (as he’s called in the ‘biz’),  Angelina was there, all lips and eyelashes and we cannot forget that wascally Jude Law and intriguing Uma Thurman.

Big names aside, let’s look at who won the big prizes this year:

Official Selection
Independent sections

Very Young Critics Prize – Les Acacias by Pablo Giorgelli

Independent awards

(Courtesy of

Have you been to Cannes? What is it really like?



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