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Oscar Dreaming

37 Million people, worldwide, watched the Academy Awards this year! That’s incredible! I wonder how many of those people thought they could do a better job! Especially when it comes to outfits, films, performances…

Do you have an Oscar dream? I’m talking outfit?  Do you have fantasies about walking down the red carpet with your cool thick rimmed ‘I’m smart’ glasses on, ignoring the paparazzi, while you hold hands with your beloved? Then fearing the backlash if you happen to be on the ‘Worst Dressed List’.

Who would you want to meet? Who would you avoid? And what exactly happens after the red carpet thing? Drinks? Canapes? I wonder!

Do you have a film up your sleeve that could, would win the big gong, Best Picture? Or do you feel you have the stuff to beat the likes of Gwyneth and Jamie Foxx? I wonder what 37 million of us are thinking when we are watching in our comfy couches with our mountainous snacks and our feet firmly planted up!

For me, it’s all about the nerves. If I was there, I would be so nervous, I couldn’t talk to Johnny ‘Hotstuff’ Depp or Nicole ‘Long Legs’ Kidman. Yep, I would be most likely to spit on them as I talked or stuttered my words if given half the chance and that is more disappointing than actually having the chance to talk to them.

So, I would coolly ignore the big names and hover around the ‘little known’ actors, set designers, animators and the like who you are allowed to give firm eye contact and questions about their families are not off limits! Food would be a must as would a nice glass of Chardonnay or Merlot.

Then I would find my seat, eyeing of the bathrooms (just in case nature calls and the lights are down) and then sit, soak and survey! Yep, people watching time. In fact, I’m not sure Oscar people are really that interesting. You’re not likely to see anyone behaving particularly badly, weirdly or out of character here.

As for films, I have a few stories up my sleeve but I know my limits. I’m no Spielberg or Bigelow. I will stick to what I know and the dreams will simply have to remain in my head.

Do you have any lofty ambitions for Oscardom?


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