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Short films win Oscars too!

My eyes have been opened. In my ignorance, I had no idea short films won Oscars. In a moment of even more supreme ignorance, I thought, “This is my chance!” Seems like the easy way out hey? Not so, you ignorant fool.

I know from 2nd hand experience how difficult it is to make a short film, especially with $0 budget and a bunch of volunteer amateurs. Us buffs always have that dream in our hearts of making a film, to be noticed, to move people. But it’s more than a great idea. A year or two ago, my husband camera in hand, set out to enter his own great idea in Sydney’s premier short film comp, Tropfest. It was a super idea!

A modern wooden mansion was involved, a talented actress and photographer all gave up time to make it happen. But alas, no final, no kudos just a polite “no”! Tis a tough biz. The standard of short films is incredible. If you haven’t been to film school or have a decent sized budget then you’re screwed. You must have known actors (at least in Tropfest) and have a superduper camera to be noticed. So imagine how difficult it is to win an Oscar…. silly me!

My bubble burst, let’s look at who had the goods to win the prize in this year’s Oscar ceremony. Big, huge KUDOS to Luke Matheny for God of Love who won for Best Short Film (Live Action) and congrats to the combo of Shaun Tan (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie) and Andrew Ruhemann for The Lost Thing, Best Short Film (Animated). We grovel at your feet and think that you totally rock! May we live vicariously through you all. Well done.


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