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Oscars fashion – does it really matter?

Image by Carl Van Vechten

For film buffs, the Oscars is all about the films right? The winners, the grinners and the stoic, professional losers whose high, hyped hopes are dashed on international tv in front of millions of viewers. That’s what it’s all about ain’t it?

But then there are those who gawk at the latest bling and dresses etc and then it’s all about the fashion. Who is wearing who (now that would be interesting if we took that literally!!). Half the focus on the night is who looked awesome and who looked like they rolled out of bed or out of a forest in their outfit and hair etc. And forget the poor men. No one gets a prize or attention for the best suit! Wow, black is the new black. Woopee doo!

For me, I love the Oscars for the films. How pure and filmy is that? However, there’s a part of me that is a little curious about the dresses (being a girl) and who is going to look ‘fabulous’! The teen part of me pictures myself walking down that red carpet. What would I wear? Would I be one of the many that is dressed by a notable designer so I can boast about who I am wearing and how ‘fabulous’ they are? Or would I simply walk into Target, Myer or the like and pick out a dress OFF THE RACK and wear that just to stick it to the ‘man’!

Does it really matter? And do some people were atrocious garments just for the attention? There is free publicity in wearing something simply awful. Hmmmm. I’m no Lady Gaga but I do like to shock in a more mellow way. Rebels don’t always fit in well on the red carpet. You have to BE somebody to make a statement like that.

In the end, it is all about the awesomeness of the films. Not about the hair or dresses or the attention the actors’ get! No! For us at home, Oscar night is the opportunity to write our new year’s list of films to see and those to miss. And that is all!


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