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Oscars reflections

Never has speaking (proper-like) the Queen’s english reaped such rewards. Go Colin and Geoff and beautiful Helena. Britain lapped up Oscar night 2011 with awards going to British peeps in The King’s Speech, The Fighter and Inception.

Many a small glass of warm beer was chinked together on Oscar night I’m sure. I must admit to being quite relieved that such an uplifting film won Best Picture and not that depressing swan flick. Sorry Nat, I just can’t handle the truth.

Our beloved Aussies made a smallish appearance with a few awards going to the ‘little’ people of stage and screen. Those locked in dark rooms with nothing but their imagination to keep them company. They’re the pale ones who shy from the limelight except on Oscar night. For they know, with one golden nude man trophy, doors will be opened to the beautiful people. There they can bask in the reflected light of those glamazons and have fun things to tell their grandchildren.

Overall, the night was a night of nights again. Same old frocks, glitz, glam and best dressed lists. The youth injection seemed a little forced for my liking with host, James Franco,  playing with his iphone (how cool are you?). Even old people have iphones now James. The biggest winner on the night was film and that is all that matters to us plebs on the other side of the screen.

Let’s see what they can deliver in the next 12 months. Exciting times, Oscar lovers, exciting times.

Hmmmm. Lame, tame or ummm. Let us know what you think.


One comment on “Oscars reflections

  1. you know me
    March 2, 2011

    I thought James was a horrible host,he seemed to loose interest half way through,Anne was good she has a voice though wow,but it does make me sick at all the money spent on the night,but I do enjoy movies:)

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