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83rd Annual Academy Awards

It is Oscar night or day depending on where you live. In Australia, it’s lunchtime. It feels a bit strange watching such a glammed up affair in the middle of the day but what can you do?

Doesn’t it make your movie buds tingle? I love this time of year. They really pack on the hype so we really start to feel it. People love stories. So much so that millions, dare I say billions have their tvs switched on right now to honour those that bring these stories to life. What an industry.

Today we have the right to gush over our beloved Oscars. Today is the day we can soak ourselves in the Oscar winners of the past (check out some of my reviews) and those of this moment. Sure we can check out the fashion and imagine what it would be like on that red carpet but the most important part is who wins and whether they deserve it.

As I review Oscar winners from the past, I try and decide whether they were worthy of such a momentous award. It’s a hard call. A) who am I but a humble blogger to judge and B) it is ALWAYS subjective. It all depends who is judging the real deal and what their knowledge and taste in films is.

As an Australian, I have a huge bias towards our Aussie nominees. Go Nicole, Jackie and Geoff (and the rest of you with less well known names/jobs). It would be difficult to be totally impartial, to judge a film on its merits rather than who is in it and the subject matter.

So to whoever wins today/night a huge congratulations to you and thanks from us plebs who simply love your stories and appreciate your imagination and skill. Keep it going!!


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