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Have you ever heard of…

You may have heard of Lionel Barrymore thanks to his famous relation, Drew but alas, the stars of the past have drifted out of our psyches and into oblivion.

So who were the Brad Pitts and the Nicole Kidmans of the past. Looking back at all these incredible Oscar winning films has been quite a journey so far. And the incredible talent that gave birth to this glorious industry were amazing. They are well worth remembering and patting on the back.

Here are the biggest names of decades past. See if you recognise any of them.


  • Paul Muni – was so ‘prestigious’ that he and he alone could choose roles he wanted to take on! He is most famous for depicting Louis Pasteur.
  • Luise Rainer – was a German actress, who won the Oscar for Best Actress two years running. The films were: The Great Ziegfeld and The Good Earth


  • Walter Pidgeon – Canadian by birth, Pidgeon was well known for roles in How Green was my valley and Mrs Miniver. He ended President of the Screen Actors Guild from 1952-57.
  • Jennifer Jones – aka Phylis Lee Isley (I like that better!). Was a dark haired, sensitive soul that quietly achieved movie stardom. She never permitted interviews, rather enjoyed a quiet life. Her renown came with films such as: The Song of Bernadette and Since you went away.


  • Jose Ferrer – revived his Broadway role of Cyrano de Bergerac on film for which he won the Oscar. This was his first big break and set him up for life. His other notable film appearances were in Moulin Rouge and Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Susan Heywood – Ex-model, scooped up after auditioning for Gone With the Wind. Despite failing to score that part, Heywood was signed with the studio and it was the beginning of a beautiful career. 5 Oscar nominations, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations coming out of her ears. She was a superstar!

Then we get to the sixties and names begin to sound familiar. It is always a privilege to look back to the past and appreciate the work and talent poured into hundreds of stories. They are incredible productions for their time and deserve more attention than they are presently receiving.




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