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Best Actress – Sandra Bullock, ‘The Blind Side’

A good movie makes you forget that there are actors, writers, directors and the like behind them. It is as if you are a part of it; like their experiences are yours.

The Blind Side is one of those films. I love funny ‘ole Sandra Bullock but this film highlights her real talent. She’s done a Jim Carrey on us and gone all serious, hip hip hooray!!! Bullock becomes Leigh Anne Tuoy in this movie and that is why she won the Oscar! You’ll understand when you see it, she’s brililant.

You see, this is a quality film with heart… with heart!

It all revolves around Big Mike (Quinton Aaron) who is roughly seventeen years of age and lives in the Memphis ghettos. He is BIG, which impresses the coach at the well-to-do Christian school. Somehow he gets in. There are high hopes for his sporting future but his grades are dismal. He needs help and eventually finds it in a wealthy school family. They have so much compassion for his homeless and illiterate state that they adopt him into their family. The mother, Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock), takes full responsibility for his well-being, even if it means tracking his mother down in the dangerous ghetto side of town.

The best thing about this movie is that it is based on a true story. I loved Leigh Anne. She was tough, determined and full of compassion. Her courage gave life and hope to this otherwise hopeless boy. I loved the family, especially the little brother ‘SJ’ who was the first to notice Mike. This film shows how much you can achieve when you let go of your fears and go with your heart. It’s not schmaltzy or sappy. It’s about achieving your dreams and empowering others to do the same, which does sound a little sappy but really, because it is based on a true story, it feels ‘real’.

The Blind Side isn’t a perfect film. At times it was slow, perhaps they were trying to cram too much in. However, I found myself hanging on every scene because I just didn’t know exactly where it was going.

So, as they say, “do yourself a favour” and check out this powerful film.

The Blind Side Trivia:

  • Budget – $29,000,000
  • Football coach cameos included (if you know anything about college football): Phillip Fulmer, Lou Holtz, Houston Nutt and Tommy Tuberville.
  •  Sandra Bullock is a former high school cheerleader from the South!
  • Julia Roberts turned down the role of Leigh Anne because Tuohy was a strong Christian.
  • The real Tuohy son appears in the film next to Tim McGraw in the first game!

The Real Tuoys


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